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About us

Founded in 1912, the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) is the global federation of national associations of pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists in official relations with the World Health Organization (WHO). Through its 122 Member Organisations and Individual Members, FIP represents and serves almost two million practitioners, scientists, researchers and academics around the world.

Throughout its almost 100 year history, FIP's priorities have expanded both literally and figuratively to meet the needs and expectations of the profession in expanding healthcare services and integrating emerging scientific developments. Changes in pharmacy and the emergence of Pharmacy Practice as a cornerstone of the profession have lead FIP to become globally visible for its advocacy on behalf of the role of the pharmacist in the provision of healthcare, while still maintaining its grounding in the pharmaceutical sciences.

In parallel, the membership of FIP has evolved to become the most extensive global pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences network. This network is continuing to expand its presence and influence through partnerships with some of the world’s leading healthcare, educational and scientific institutions

Building on this expansion of priorities, over the past several years, FIP has made pharmacy education and health workforce key areas of interest, namely through the development of the Pharmacy Education Taskforce, a coordinating body of organisations, agencies, institutions, and individuals with the shared goal of catalysing actions to develop pharmacy education developed in conjunction with the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNESCO.

To complement the broad-scale work of the Taskforce and to further support the logistical, practical and unique “day to day” work of Deans and Decision Makers within Faculties/Schools of pharmacies around the world, FIP is now offering the FIP Academic Institutional Membership (AIM). This is a distinctive FIP Membership that allows Faculties and Schools of Pharmacy to become inter-connected on a global platform of discussion, leadership and shared challenges and successes. The FIP AIM focuses on the parallel evolution of Faculties and Schools of Pharmacy alongside the ongoing changes in pharmacy practice, science, research and their respective funding, to be accomplished through the work of Faculty Deans and Decision Makers.

All Faculties and Schools of Pharmacy from around the world are welcome to apply for a FIP AIM. These Academic Institutes are represented by their Deans, Vice Deans and other Decision Makers within the Membership activities such as online discussion platforms and our annual International Dean’s Forum at the FIP Congress.

Through this interconnectivity the FIP AIM will provide guidance, practical advice and key strategies to be employed when leading academic institutions on the path to growth and development of pharmacy education.